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Attract and hold the attention of your customers with radiant and captivating content with Neuimage interactive screens. Restaurants can portray beautiful images of its food and update daily specials with ease. Retail outlets can highlight store sales and focus on high margin products. Neuimage Digital displays can increase sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI), collect data on your customers and augment their overall satisfaction.


Neuimage Digital Totems are employed by companies to better communicate, measure and engage their audience in an alluring fashion. Their ultra slim bodies and vibrant LED screens are tremendously effective in catching consumers’ eyes. Our interactive features can immerse your consumers in material for long periods of time. Information can easily be changed instantaneously to communicate promotions, information and advertisements. Neuimage Totems are perfect for malls, retail stores, campuses, trade shows and special events.


While many uses for CCTV are security related, there are many far more interesting uses where imagination and flare can bring immediate and tangible benefits. Neuimage CCTV offers not only the ability to monitor and record areas such as stores, parking lots, hallways, streets and much more, but also can be used to transmit a unified message across linked displays. You may update, change, and modify messages with the certainty that it will be the same across the entire network. Neuimage CCTV can also be utilized as a video security system to mitigate theft or even study the behavior of your customers. Public transportation systems such as bus stations, train stations and airports can use it to display traffic to its customers.

CCTV Monitor


Neuimage’s line of digital whiteboards will improve efficiency in meetings, group projects and classrooms. With our whiteboards you will capture your audience attention with its vibrant HD display allowing it to augment participation. It also preserves added and erased information. Neuimage Whiteboards are multi-touch, can be written on and allow for information to be shared between the presenters and participants. Whiteboards have become a vital piece of technology for all offices and classrooms.

LED Large Format

Is your business constantly having people pass right by it without stopping in? Nueimage’s LED signs will alleviate this situation and help draw people into your location. With a Neuimage affordable Outdoor LED sign a business can display images and messages to people passing by to grab their attention and entice them to enter the store. This is some of the best ROI on advertising your business. The Indoor LED signs can communicate to customers’ messages, winning lotto numbers and even daily sales and specials. Neuimage Indoor and Outdoor LED signs are both vital components for businesses to enhance profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Media Player Solution

Neuimage Media Player Solution provides a less expensive option than purchasing digital signage screens. The potent Neuimage Digital Signage Media Player is capable of broadcasting a wide range of multimedia content to one or more of your existing display screens. It can work with televisions, computer monitors and even tablets. Turn your existing unused screens into interactive ones to market and communicate better with your customers.


Tablets are a phenomenal way to enhance the productivity of your business, exude an image of success and uniquely brand your company.


Smartphones have become indispensable in today’s business world. Neuimage’s smartphones are a necessary tool for a company to enhance and optimize their employees’ roles and compete in the current cutting edge environment.